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Who is Unmanned AV in 2022?

By now if you are reading this you probably have some idea of who we are and what we do. You may know us as 2 guys who started a company that offers drone services for real estate, construction, and even films! However, that is only a small piece of our business in 2022.

What's changed?

As marketers, we are told that we must have a niche in order to succeed. Although, I believe this to be true to some extent. What I have found is that it is very difficult to just pick a niche and begin thriving in that market. Instead, a brand's niche is more fluid and decided upon by the market rather than the marketer.

When Unmanned was established, we believed drone piloting was still an untapped market with little competition and high barriers to entry. But as we entered into this market, we began to realize that the clients we were targeting, such as filmmakers and ad producers, weren't interested in such a niched-down service. They, instead, expect a more holistic service. In the film industry, for instance, production houses, DP's, and directors either have drone pilots on staff, can fly themselves, or have established relationships with freelancers.

This forced us to re-adapt our model to something that encompasses more pieces of the production process than just the aerial footage.

The NEW Unmanned

Today, Unmanned has expanded our service offering to help brands tell their authentic stories and connect with their audiences. This includes producing and filming full commercials and digital ads (with or without drone footage), developing/managing marketing campaigns, high-quality lifestyle and studio photography as well as design.

Drone work is still an essential part of our offering and has allowed us to get in the door with large brands like Tricon and recently Adidas. But now we are able to help them with their brands as a whole.

What sort of projects do we do?

#1 Brand Ads

Using insights about the market and client goals, we develop a concept and execute it in-house.

#2 Brand Story + Drone

This is one of those examples where having a more holistic offering got us a gig. Frontline was attracted to our ability to showcase a large construction project from above but also wanted to tell the story of how the project came to be. We were able to film both aerial views and tell the story through some interviews.

#3 Photography

We shoot high-quality images for brands to use in their ads and social media. We have a full in-house studio for any product shots.

#4 Campaign Strategy/Idea generation

When working with clients, we will take in their goals and insights and create a content plan out of them. Below are some slides from our pitch to Sanofi highlighting our approach.

#5 Drone Services

Our bread and butter is still Drone Piloting. We can create stunning visuals, Aerial Scanning/ and 3d models.

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