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Unmanned's Touching Ad Campaign for Peterborough Humane Society: A Tale of Love and Adoption

At Unmanned AV, our core belief has always been that storytelling isn't just about selling a product; it's about touching lives and making a difference. That's why when the opportunity arose to collaborate with the Peterborough Humane Society, we didn't hesitate to pour our hearts into a project that would promote a cause close to our own.

Our recent ad campaign was a departure from the usual commercial endeavors. Instead, it became a canvas for a heartfelt story, aiming to spotlight the unspoken connections that transform lives. The tale we crafted revolved around an elderly gentleman, played by Harold Kelly (Unmanned CMO, Kyle Christie's Grandfather). As the scenes unfolded, we carefully choreographed moments that hinted at something more profound than a typical narrative. The initial impression of the gentleman getting ready for a date slowly transitioned into a sequence that revealed his true destination—the Peterborough Humane Society

The story truly is a win-win for everybody involved. We wanted the chance to show the world the type of stories we can create while also helping a local not-for-profit get their message out. That is why we decided to create this project pro bono for the Peterborough Humane Society.

 We hope this initiative sparks more conversations, encourages others to lend their expertise to noble causes, and ultimately leads to more animals finding their forever homes.

Watch the video here

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