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Peterborough and the Surrounding area


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What is a Marketing Assessment?

Our team will sit with you for a 1-hour consultation meeting where we will discuss the current state of your business and its promotion. After that, we will give you a full recommendation report (also Free) with a list of recommendations on what you can do to improve your marketing. 

Why is it Free?

Everything has a cost, but it doesn't always need to be monetary. First off, We are a growing agency trying to build our network in the business community by helping other businesses grow. and your connection is what is most valuable to us. Secondly, should our recommendations resonate with your new objectives, we're prepared to craft a thoughtful offer for our services that aligns with your newfound goals."

Business overview

Discuss business goals, objectives and current market position

Marketing Overview

Promotion and advertising strategy, social media and content review

Identify The gaps

Goals versus current process and how they differ


Detailed report on how to reach your marketing goals

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